Benefits of baby massage

Baby massage is a form of nurturing touch.

In many cultures all around the world baby massage is an art passed down from generation to generation, often from mother to daughter.

It is an amazing tool to love and nurture your child, and become an expert on your own baby as you learn to pick up on your child’s cues and moods.

Baby massage can help promote:

  • relaxation for baby and parent
  • better sleep patterns
  • relief from painful gas/wind or colic
  • emotional development by building a stronger bond with your baby (massage stimulates the release of oxytocin (cuddle hormone) and endorphins in you which naturally encourage the bonding process with your baby)
  • stimulation of the healthy development of body systems – respiratory, digestive, nervous, immune and skeletal


During the course we will discuss all the benefits of baby massage – for the whole family – and how massage can be part of your life in the future (shoulder rubs for studying teenagers, fun ‘pizza’ massages for kids and more). More information on the many benefits of massage is also available on the international IAIM website.

“Kate is great, she’s very welcoming and hospitable, she also has a great knowledge of babies and different info to help”

-Mother of three month old.