Feedback from parents

“I enjoyed meeting new people, hearing others’ experiences and learning a way to connect with baby through massage. It was a nice, calm environment and it was great starting with relaxation exercises.  Thanks, Kate for a wonderful learning experience! I think you have a great way of teaching baby massage. Would definitely recommend the course to others.”


“I enjoyed learning skills to help bond with my baby.  He has been sleeping better at night after a massage and going to sleep easier.”


“The course had a warm relaxing environment, where I was able to learn skills to help my child.  He has been calmer after massage.  Kate was very welcoming and accommodating to my child’s needs.”


“I’ve enjoyed this so much, I’m going to miss our sessions. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and learning the great techniques.”


Loved baby massage – it’s a great skill to learn!

“I loved the massage techniques. It helped so much with my baby’s wind and constipation. It also helped to make him relax on his change table. It was a great group to chat to and support each other.”


“I loved the relaxed feel of the classes. I enjoyed the techniques, cakes and the instructor, Kate. My baby was relaxed at night after massage.”

-JoBaby massage. Mother massaging kid belly, baby laughing.

“I enjoyed all of it! Great to have chats, tea and cake, as well as the massage. My baby has become more relaxed and interactive. It was a great environment and we were made to feel really relaxed.”


“Kate is very calm, approachable and friendly. I enjoyed meeting other parents, bonding with my baby and the yummy treats. I would just like to say thank you very much.”


“I liked how the class was always baby-led – if the baby needed feeding/changing – and the environment was super comfortable. I also enjoyed the socialisation with other mamas. Thank you so much for absolutely everything.”


Loved baby massage – it’s a great skill to learn! (1)

“The part of the course I enjoyed the most was the baby interaction and all the info – I learnt so many new ways to do things. It was also good to be in a group and able to share information. Learning the ways to help release the wind is great. He loves his legs and feet massaged. Kate made us all feel welcome, safe and relaxed.”

-Mother of 4.5 month old

“Kate was always very friendly and interested in everyone. I enjoyed learning the massage moves and talking about any issues we have. Loved baby massage – it’s a great skill to learn!

-Mother of 6-week old baby

“I enjoyed learning all the strokes and all the gentle movements. Having a regular catch up was also great. Delicious baking and having a cup of tea made for you is a nice touch.
My baby is more relaxed and less windy.”

 – Mother of 2 month-old

“Kate was very welcoming and had a calming presence. I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and connecting with my baby.”

 – Mother of 9-week old

“I enjoyed the bonding time with my baby. My baby became more relaxed as sessions progressed. Kate was very accommodating to crying/restlessness etc. I really enjoyed this!”

 – Mother of a 6-month old