When’s the best time to massage your baby in Autumn?

AutumnAutumn is here and the days of languishing about in warm weather with your baby wearing nothing but a nappy might be over – but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on giving your baby a massage.

As the cooler months approach, here’s some tips from Blossom Baby Massage on how to keep baby massage a part of your daily routine:

You don’t need to take off all of your baby’s clothes. Baby massage doesn’t always have to be a whole body massage – you could give your baby little mini-massages during the day. A foot massage before you put on socks, a leg massage after changing a nappy, a face massage – well any time your baby is awake, alert and happy to be massaged.  Keep the tummy and back areas for when you’re in a lovely warm environment.

 If you’ve got a favourite patch of warm sunlight or other cosy spot around your house – make the most of it! Think about the places where you’d love to curl up with a book and cuppa (in an ideal world!) – they should also be the best spots to offer your baby a massage. Once you’ve booted the cat out of the way, make sure the space is baby-safe (not near open flames or too close to a heater) before you offer your baby a massage.

Warm a towel. If you’ve been lucky enough to ever have a professional massage – remember how lovely that warm towel feels draped over your body? Your baby will agree.  If you warm a towel for your baby you can place them on it and then fold it over the part of the body that’s not being massaged (apart from the face of course!). Note – this trick is also handy for boy babies, to contain unexpected wee surprises!leaf2

Think about massaging at different times of day. You might usually give your baby a massage before bedtime or early morning but when the darkness and cooler weather sets in, you might find early  afternoon to be a better time. Or you may want to switch the other way around – all depending on your day.

Remember, baby massage is a flexible tool you can use at the best time for you and your baby.  Your baby will tell you when it’s a good time for a massage – if they’re unsettled and not enjoying the massage then follow their cues and try again later.   And don’t forget to keep your house at a warm temperature for you and your baby  – a minimum of 18-22 degrees in the day and over 16 degrees at night is the recommendation from the World Health Organisation and Energywise New Zealand.

If you’re interested in booking into a baby massage in Hamilton this autumn, contact Blossom Baby Massage.


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